Who's Who

CTL Officers


  • Chair                                         The Revd Phil Gough
  •                                                  Chair of the Lancashire Methodist District
  • County Ecumenical Officer        The Revd Anton Muller                                                                                   antonmuller@ctlancashire.org.uk
  • Treasurer:                                   Mr Jim Fisher
  • Secretary                                   Vacant                                   

CTL Church Leaders




Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool         Archbishop Malcom McMahon

                                                         Canon Peter Stanley

Catholic Diocese of Salford                  Bishop John Arnold

Catholic Diocese of Lancaster              Bishop Paul Swarbick (Lancaster)

Anglican Diocese of Blackburn            Bishop Philip North

                                                       Bishop Jill Duff (Lancaster)

Lancashire Methodist District               The Revd Phil Gough 

NW Synod United Reformed Church     The Revd Clare Downing

The NW Baptist Association                The Revd Brian Drury

The Society of Friends                        Roy Stephenson

The Salvation Army                            Major David Taylor                  

The Orthodox Church                          Fr Jonathan Hemmings


The Denominational Officers (DEO)

Together with the Ecumenical Development Officer, the Denominational Officers /Reps form a team working to stimulate and encourage unity in mission across the county. They also maintain the County Sponsoring Body for LEPs.

  • The Baptist Union:                                              The Revd Brian Drury
  • The Methodist Church:                                        The Revd Stuart Wild
  • The Church of England:                                       
    • Lancaster Archdeaconry                                 The Revd Gary Lewis
    • Blackburn Archdeaconry                                  The Revd Stephen Brown                    
  • The Roman Catholic Church (Lancaster Diocese):   Fr Peter Burns
  • The Roman Catholic Church (Salford Diocese)       Fr Peter Hopkinson VG
  • The Roman Catholic Church (Liverpool A.Diocese) Canon Peter Stanley
  • The United Reformed Church:                              The Revd Daleen Ten Cate
  • The Salvation Army:                                            Capt Tracy Collis  
  • The Society of Friends:                                        Professor Ian Marshall
  • The Orthodox Church                                         Fr Ciprian Badin