Sign the Petition to keep funding the Inter Faith Network

The Inter Faith Network has been a beacon of unity, promoting understanding and cooperation among different faith communities across the UK. The National Inter Faith Week, an initiative of this network, has been instrumental in fostering dialogue and mutual respect among diverse religious groups.

Last November, the Archbishop of Canterbury hosted an Inter Faith Week event at Lambeth Palace, which was attended by King Charles III, Cardinal Vincent Nichols and 30 other faith leaders. 

This vital work is under threat. The Secretary of State for Communities, Michael Gove, wrote to IFN on 19 January that he was ‘minded to withdraw’ £155,000 of funding pledged in July 2023, due to the appointment of a Trustee from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). IFN has issued a response to Mr Gove’s concerns here.

If this decision is not reversed within the next week, not only might we lose National Inter Faith Week, but also four dedicated staff members who have tirelessly worked towards promoting harmony among different faiths.

IFN will close if funding is not received before 22 February from the UK Government or other sources. Its staff have already been given redundancy notices.

The importance of such initiatives cannot be overstated especially at a time when hate crimes against religious groups are on an alarming rise. By cutting funds to this network working to mitigate such issues through dialogue and understanding, the UK Government risks exacerbating divisions within our society.

Please join me in calling upon Michael Gove to reverse his decision and provide the funding pledged to Inter Faith Network in July 2023. Let's stand together for unity and mutual respect amongst all faiths in our country. Please sign this petition today!